“With all the insane things coming out of public schools today, it is imperative the North Valley has good, reasonable and prudent people serving on school boards. I’m lucky to know Paul Carver well and consider him a friend. I also wholeheartedly endorse him for a seat on the DVUSD school board. More than at anytime in our nation’s history, what transpires at the school district level impacts our entire communities and state. He is a veteran and a father and I know how important serving in this role is to him. He is a good man with a good heart and willingness to serve. I ask that you support Paul in the next DVUSD school board election.”

State Representative Justin Wilmeth
Legislative District 15
Arizona House of Representatives

“It is an honor to endorse Paul Carver for Deer Valley School Board. Like my dad, Paul is a US Marine veteran and that means he can and will fight for our country and for our values. And we can trust Paul to fight for our precious kids!”

Jan Dubauskas – Arizona State Senate Candidate for Legislative District 3

“While on the campaign trail in Legislative District 3 I have had the pleasure of getting to know Paul Carver. He is a man of principles and integrity who will fight for parental rights, protecting our children, and making sure our kids are getting the education they need to succeed and not getting politically indoctrinated by radical liberals. Paul is a man I can work with as we tackle issues in education at the State House and I am excited to endorse his campaign for Deer Valley Unified School Board. As the Past Chairman of the House Liberty Caucus, I believe Paul has the conservative principles and values we need in our education system now more than ever.” –

Darin Mitchell,
LD3 State House Candidate and Fmr. Liberty Caucus Chairman

Letter of Endorsement for Paul Carver

Deer Valley School Board Candidate

The voice of the parent is sorely needed on school board committees across the country. The need for strong voices here in Arizona is no exception. School boards have become out of touch with the needs of the families that attend public schools. We need strong public servants that will listen to parents. We need school board members that look out for students and not systems. That is exactly who we will get with Paul Carver as one of our next Deer Valley School Board members.
Paul has the heart of a servant leader. He is humble but strong and will always put the students first. Paul understands the struggle our families are facing when it comes to curriculum choices for our students. He will not allow inappropriate curriculum to be taught to our kids. Furthermore, he understands the great need for transparency and communication between the board and parents of the District. He will always be accessible to parents and listen to their needs.
I firmly believe that Paul Carver is the right pick for the Deer Valley School Board. He will bring a strong work ethic and a students first mentality to his work on the board. I have been involved in the fight for parents rights and student first education policies during my time at the State Legislature and I know that Paul shares that space with me. Please help me get Paul Carver elected to the Deer Valley School Board so that our students can get the best education possible!

Steve Kaiser
State Representative District 2

As a father, I know how important it is to be engaged in our children’s education. Paul Carver, father of 8, also understands that in order for the next generation to be successful adults, we cannot leave parents out of the education process. I support his dedication to being an active participant in his community and support his run for Deer Valley Unified School District Board. His service in the Marine Corps and his community will keep him focused on making the right decisions at the right time when it comes to educating our young people.

Brad Shafer, Peoria City Councilmember – Mesquite District